SATB with divisi, treble solo, piano, percussion (1 or 2 players)

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The Story

Ritual is a rhythmically-driving sonic narrative that uses a created language for colorful timbral effects. The title alludes to societal rituals that persist for the sake of tradition, but necessitate deeper reflection and reconsideration. The drums and chorus rage with a gritty intensity, while a lone soloist offers a softer, more thoughtful perspective. Despite the soloist's attempt at change, their voice is ultimately overtaken by the power of tradition and the chorus and drums drown out any alternative perspective.

The work should be approached with an earthy, unrefined, primal quality, and lots of grittiness and rhythmic intensity. Engage in a deep, supported, grounded sound — on the verge of a roar!

SATB choir with divisi, treble soloist, piano, percussion


Mount Royal Kantorei for the inaugural Kantorei Choral Festival (2023).


1 review for Ritual

  1. Bernard Perrin

    Superb. I can’t wait to play it with In Octo and…the Taiko!

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