Retailer Information

Thank you for your interest in being a dealer for the music of Jake Runestad! We are excited to partner with you to better serve our customers and look forward to a continued relationship in the years to come.


Available Scores:
At this time, only choral scores are available for sales by dealers.

Ordering Details:
The retailer will purchase a one-time license to print and sell a predetermined amount of scores made from a digital version (PDF). These digital scores (PDFs) may not be forwarded to the customer. Any copies needed beyond the initial amount must be approved by Jake Runestad Music LLC and purchased by the retailer before these copies are made. The PDF must be deleted once the retailer has printed the scores for the order. Due to the nature of digital scores, all sales are final. The name of the school/ensemble and number of copies ordered must be given to Jake Runestad Music LLC for each order. This information is used in the unique license on each score.

Retailer Discount:
Dealers receive a standard percentage discount on works sold to their customers. Note that retail prices through dealers are higher than those listed on my website due to customers receiving printed scores. Contact us for more information.

As retailers are responsible for printing works for customers, we recommend these guidelines:
– Print on tabloid size (11×17 inches) paper in booklet style (folded in half) with staples down the middle.
– Loose-leaf papers or a single staple in the corner is not acceptable.
(*Note: If you are unable to print scores, please send your customers directly to our store website for purchasing.)

Perusal/Single Scores:
We will not fulfill dealer orders for single scores. If a perusal score is desired, the customer may find that on our website. Please have them contact us with any questions.

Preferred payment is by check or Zelle. Retailers outside the USA may pay by PayPal/credit card. Payment is due within 30 days of the order. Late payments are subject to a 2% finance charge per month (the 2% fee is applied the day after the initial due date and multiplied every 30 days thereafter).

Price List:
As the customer is receiving a printed set of scores, prices for scores purchased through a dealer are higher than those on my website.

Please contact us for the price list for the scores you wish to sell.

Complete the following agreement to become a dealer of music by Jake Runestad: