Proper Attribution

PLEASE properly attribute ALL of the creators in any of your distributions! Here’s an example:

Text by Author, Music by Composer.
© Year by Jake Runestad.

What would you like to do?

Distribute Audio Recordings (from a live performance or “studio” session)

(digital files, CDs, practice tracks, etc., whether for sale or for free)

  • This requires a mechanical license from the copyright owner (Jake Runestad Music LLC).
  • Mechanical licenses have a set fee structure set by copyright law.
  • Acquire this license through Easy Song Licensing (includes a fee) or contact us directly by completing the Mechanical License Form.
Create and Distribute Practice Tracks
Distribute a Video of a Live or Recorded Performance

(interactive: a video posted to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, create DVDs, etc.)

  • ALL videos require a synchronization license from the copyright owner (Jake Runestad Music LLC).
  • Please complete the Synchronization License Form.
Stream Audio or Video of a Live Performance

(non-interactive: the audio/video disappears after the performance)

  • This is considered a live performance and is covered by ASCAP‘s licensing.
  • Please submit your concert information to ASCAP.
Offer a Paid, On-Demand Video/Audio of a Performance of Jake's Music

(on-demand: the audio/video is accessible any time during it’s window of availability)

  • This requires a monetized video license. Please contact us for information.
  • Also, please submit your concert program to ASCAP.
Create and Distribute a Virtual Ensemble Performance (Virtual Choir, Virtual Band, etc.)
  • This requires several kinds of rights including a synchronization license(s), an adaptation license, and video streaming license.
  • We will create a specific Virtual Ensemble license for your use upon completion of the Virtual Ensemble License.
Create an Arrangement or Transcription of Jake’s Music
  • Please contact us for all arrangement and transcription requests, and provide as much information as you can!
  • Permission must be granted in writing by the copyright owner for any notated arrangements or transcriptions.