The second full album of Jake Runestad’s award-winning choral music has been released! “Sing, Wearing the Sky,” recorded by Denver-based ensemble Kantorei, is a collection of some of Jake’s most popular works. Renowned record label Naxos writes:

“The prolific young composer Jake Runestad has won numerous awards for his music, which ranges from opera to works for chamber ensemble. He is particularly valued for his choral compositions which exemplify a desire to write expertly crafted, socially conscious and emotionally potent music. On this album, Runestad explores a profound sea/life journey in The Secret of the Sea, and projects a powerful expression of grief in Let My Love Be Heard. Nature is a recurring theme for the composer and he employs texts that exalt the natural world, as well as finding seldom heard sound combinations in the exhilarating Ner Ner.”

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