Jake Runestad, composer

Todd Boss, poet




1. Kaleidoscopic History

Through the transformative magic of poetic license, “Earth Symphony,” for choir and orchestra, re-frames humanity’s relationship with nature in a wildly compelling sequence of awe-inspiring personal monologues told from Mother Earth’s own point of view.

In this new kaleidoscopic history, all is changed utterly. By turns emotionally raw, violently angry, and maternally loving, this is Mother Earth as you’ve never encountered her before, in music as sweepingly sensitive and dramatic as its subject matter.

Come ready to be dazzled by the greatest show on Earth: your own.


2. Pale Blue Dot

Every living human being has a relationship with Mother Earth.

Just as astronauts are changed forever by the opportunity to view Earth from space, audiences for “Earth Symphony” are invited on a magnific journey outward into space-time for a view of home that’s unlike any other.

Here is a story for the ages, told by Mother Earth herself, that puts the evolution, fall, and legacy of our “briefest of species” into rare perspective, in musically arresting thrusts at once intimate and cosmic.

Take a seat, and prepare for lift-off.


3. Listen to Your Mother

Listen to your mother, and lean in to climate chaos in an exhilarating new way. “Earth Symphony,” for chorus and orchestra, invites audiences to hear, at long last, a mostly unheeded perspective on the issue: the voice of Mother Earth herself.

In this 5-part, genre-defying, symphonic monologue, Earth tells her side of humanity’s story: our enthralling ambition, our devastating impact, and our monumental legacy. Bracingly passionate, and textured of sweeping miracles, here is an exercise in the kind of deep, empathic listening only made possible in great works of literature and fine art.

Arguably the most titanic of all human stories, this one has finally found its narrator. Are you listening?


4. Shifting Perspective

Into the realm of the gods and beyond, “Earth Symphony” clocks a new timeline of the anthropocene by letting Mother Earth herself rewind and realign human history in the context of the infinite and the sublime.

Musically majestic, poetically daring, this 5-part symphonic monologue describes humanity from a post-apocalyptic stance that’s alternately harrowing and heartwarming: an expanded and masterfully illuminated glimpse of our brief moment on the globe, beginning at the beginning and ending well beyond our ends.

Come with your perspective, and leave with a new one.


5. Parenthood

Parenthood is a complicated journey, and none is as compelling as Mother Earth’s. In this mind-bending retelling of humanity’s birth, maturation, and death, we are invited to re-imagine the scope and scale of our relationship with the mother of us all.

“Earth Symphony,” for chorus and orchestra, is a genre-bending symphonic monologue, spoken from Earth’s own point of view, that takes a fresh look at the emotional landscape every parent knows all too well—from the romance of familial pride to the threat of harm and the terror of loss.

Along the way, lamentation, chaos, recovery, and renewal are illuminated by a musical terrain as contoured as any saga, as vibrant as any epic. Join us for the odyssey of a lifetime.