Commissioning a new work is a very exciting process!  I am open to receiving commissions for all kind of events, ensembles, and requests.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss your commissioning request.


Commissioning rates depend on the size of the ensemble/instrumentation, length of the piece, and time allowed for creation.  The finished piece can either be delivered by mail or by PDF through e-mail.  Please contact me to discuss the rate that works best for your ensemble and/or organization.

Time Frame

It is best to contact me at least 18 months before the piece is to be submitted to the performing ensemble.  This allows sufficient time for planning, research, receiving permission for use of copyrighted texts (if need be), writing, editing, and score/part creation. Some exceptions can be made and I am open to a bit of a quicker turn around depending on the circumstance and length of piece/size of ensemble.

Residency/Attendance at the Premiere Performance

It is always an exciting experience to be a part of a new musical creation.  Each time I write a piece, I am releasing a part of myself and putting it into the hands of other musicians for interpretation and fruition. I am very interested in serving a residency with the performing ensemble to give them an inside look at the creative process of the piece so that they can more fully create their own personal meaning to bring emotion and life to the music.  As a music educator, I am also interested in allowing the ensemble to have time to question the composer and learn a bit about what goes into creating a new work.  If your ensemble is that of an educational institution or you desire the opportunity for a creative learning experience along with the commission, I would love to help you plan compositional projects with your ensemble members for performance during the same event. If you desire a residency with your ensemble and/or my attendance at the premiere, I ask that you cover the travel and lodging costs as well as a small stipend for a residency.  Please let me know and I can factor these fees into the contract for the commission.


As the commissioning party, you are entitled to dedication of the piece which will be written on the first page of the score and parts as well as cited in all programs and program notes.  As a part of the commissioning process, we will discuss specifics on what the dedication should state.


As the composer, I am entitled to the copyright for all of my pieces.  As the commissioning party, you can request sole performing rights of the work for an allotted amount of time without performance by another ensemble.

Other Information

As a member of ASCAP, I report my premieres and all performances to that performing rights organization. Most concert halls pay a fee to ASCAP or BMI for performance of works by their registered members. I ask that your performance venue registers the performance of my piece with ASCAP because I receive a small payment from these performances. I would appreciate a recording of the premiere performance for my own personal use. This recording will not be sold but rather used for my own reflection and promotional material.

Commission Inquiry

To inquire about a commission, please contact me.