Vocalise Mystique

Vocalise Mystique


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Duration: 6:00
Premiere: May 8, 2011. Anima Nova Chamber Choir. Jake Runestad, conductor.
Publisher: Jake Runestad Music

A vocalise is a vocal exercise often used to help to warm-up one’s voice for singing. Many composers in the past have taken this idea and written pieces that use this technique – a melody sung without the use of words. I wanted to to take this a step further and incorporate the idea of a vocalise into a choral setting. Vocalise Mystique is a gradual progression of closed sounds to open sounds and back again – “mmm” gradually opening to “ahh” and then closing back again to “mmm” at the end of the piece. The theme is introduced at the beginning and is developed throughout until it reaches its truest form at the point of the most open vowel sound – “ahh.” The tonal framework frequently shifts creating a diverse soundscape of complex harmony and vocal effects for the choir.


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