Ner Ner


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4:00. SATB choir with divisi.
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About the Work

Commissioned by the Wooster Chorus. Lisa Wong, conductor.

The Story

One of the joys of composing is to create sound combinations in hopes of finding something completely original! The voice can make a variety of sounds from traditional Western singing styles to overtone singing, vocal percussion, and many more. I find the use of these sounds and techniques to be exhilarating – especially when they are grouped together, overlapped, mixed and matched, and put into the context of a choir! “Ner Ner,” commissioned by the Wooster Chorus, was written to reflect the energy of this dynamic ensemble by giving them the opportunity to vocally express their infectious joy and diverse membership. This work is dedicated to the memory of Molly Bennett, a former member of the Wooster Chorus, whose joyful spirit, searing wit, and loving heart were an integral part of this beautiful community.



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