Dealer Information

Thank you for your interest in being a dealer for the music of Jake Runestad! We are excited to partner with you to better serve our customers and look forward to a continued relationship in the years to come.

Dealer Discount:  30% off the dealer price list below. (Prices up-to-date as of August 1, 2017).

Ordering Details:

The dealer will purchase a one-time license to print and sell a predetermined amount of scores made from a digital version (PDF). These digital scores (PDFs) may not be forwarded to the customer. Any copies needed beyond the initial amount must be approved by JR Music (Jake Runestad) and purchased by the dealer before these copies are made. The PDF must be deleted once the dealer has printed the scores for the order. Due to the nature of digital scores, all sales are final. The name of the school/ensemble and number of copies ordered must be given to JR Music for each order. This information is used in the unique license on each score.

As dealers are responsible for printing works for customers, we recommend these guidelines:
– Print on tabloid size (11×17 inches) paper in booklet style (folded in half) with staples down the middle.
– Loose-leaf papers or a single staple in the corner is not acceptable.
(*Note: If you are unable to print scores, please send your customers directly to our website for purchasing.)

Perusal/Single Scores:
We will not fulfill dealer orders for single scores. If a perusal score is desired, the customer may find that on our website. Please have them contact us with any questions.

Dealers may pay by check (preferred) or PayPal/credit card. Payment is due within 30 days of the order. Late payments are subject to a 2% finance charge per month (the 2% fee is applied the day after the initial due date and multiplied every 30 days thereafter).

Price List:
As a full-time composer, I need to ensure that profits from my catalogue remain consistent while providing me the necessary income to support my career as an artist. The following dealer prices allow me to achieve the necessary consistency while serving a larger population.

Alleluia – $2.99
And So I Go On – $3.89
Come to the Woods – $6.99
Dereva Ni Mungu – $2.99
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel – $3.19
Fear Not, Dear Friend – $3.19
Gaelic Prayer – $3.19
Good Night, my Love – $2.99
Joyful, Joyful – $2.99
Let My Love Be Heard – $3.19
Live the Questions – $3.19
Lux Aeterna – $3.19
Nada Te Turbe – $3.19
Ner Ner – $2.99
None Other Lamb – $2.99
Nyon Nyon – $2.99
Peace Flows Into Me – $2.99
Please Stay – $3.19
Reflections – $4.79
Rise Up – $3.19
Sing, Wearing the Sky – $3.19
Sleep, Little Baby, Sleep – $2.99
Spirited Light – $3.19
The Hope of Loving – Vocal score: $8.99, Full score: $30.00, String parts: $65.00
The King of Love – $2.99
The Peace of Wild Things – $3.19
Under This Tree – $3.19
We Can Mend the Sky – $3.59
Why the Caged Bird Sings – $3.59


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Terms and Conditions

The dealer agrees to enter into this contractual agreement to sell music by Jake Runestad as published through JR Music. The dealer is granted the ability to print scores and collect payment as outlined in the distribution license guide above. Scores must be printed and distributed to the customer as physical copies and may not be distributed as a digital score or PDF. Scores may not be transferred or sold to any other dealer entities. All orders must be reported to JR Music including the date, number of copies sold, and the purchasing school/ensemble/institution and their location. All copyrights are held by Jake Runestad (JR Music) and protected by the laws of the United States of America. Any breach of this agreement, including but not limited to making copies beyond the agreed upon and/or licensed amount, will result in federal prosecution under the commerce and copyright laws of the United States of America. A 2% late fee will be applied each month a payment is delinquent starting the day after the payment’s due date and every 30 days thereafter. Due to the nature of digital scores, all sales are final.